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View of Alba Fucens and Mount Velino behind Archeological site Roman amphitheater
Alba Fucens archaeological site and San Pietro Church
The archaeological site of Alba Fucens, discovered in 1949, found on a hill of 1.016 ms on the Plane Palentinis. The town was built by the fighting people of the Equi that tried to hinder the expansion of Rome several times. In 458 B.C. the Equi, together with the Volsci suffered their first and worst defeat by Cincinnato, but the Roman commander didn't succeed in penetrating the fortress. Only in 303 B.C. were the Equi definitely defeated. Alba Fucens became a Latin colony "sine sufragio", and subsequently the most populous and important Roman town of the region (about 30k inhabitants). Worth visiting in the area is the archaeological site (free entrance), the italic walls of the end of the IV sec. b.C.; the town center with the crossing of the Miliarium and the Decumanus Maximus (the two main roads); the area of the Foro, the Thermal baths, the Sanctuary of Ercole, the shops; the amphitheater and its very good acoustic system (first years of the first century b.C.). On the structure of the Temple devoted to the God Apollo they built the Church of S. Pietro, one of the jewels of the Romanesque abruzzese. Of great interest are the mosaics and the marbles of the pulpit and the pictures. The inside of the church is of suggestive beauty. The left side is the best preserved, the stone is still that of the italic Temple. The church was almost completely destroyed by the earthquake on January 13 1915, but it was faithfully reconstructed later.


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