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These are our four little donkeys, Eva, Nino, Sophie and Toffee, "Eeyore!" We organize walks with them, for adults and children as well as walking tours of many days. You can choose from unguided walking tours where it is only you and the donkeys or guided tours with Luca, a professional walking guide. Walks vary from 3 to 10 days.

Spring-Summer 2016
You can choose among three different kind of walks, between Lazio and Abruzzo:
1. Cammino dei briganti
(Brigands' Walk) from village to village, it’s possible always to sleep and to eat in b&b or private houses, few up and downs, 5 hours per day of soft walk, is perfect for beginners or families with children. See Brigands' Walk webpage and Facebook fanpage
2. Velino Mountains and Duchessa Lake
(a classic mountain wild tour, it’s the one described below, good also for families if are well prepeared, tent is needed for some nights)
3. Simbruni Mountains and religious ancient pilgrimage
(with tent, for adventurous people)

The red spot is Casale Le Crete. The Brigands' Walk goes on the first mountains to the left on, then comes back under the second highest mountains line. The Velino trek goes directly to the high mountains and the tour depends on the days you want to walk.

Sophie, born here in september 2006...




Unguided walking tour

7 days, 6 nights; 5 day walk

Walking tour around one of the wildest and less known mountains: Monte Velino (2.489 m) in the Regional Park in Abruzzo. You’ll walk between 700 meters and 1700 meters altitude.
On route you’ll see the picturesque, romantic church, Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta, a medieval village. You’ll meet shepherds, flocks, see animals, vultures, and if you are lucky you’ll hear the cry of the wolf.
The donkeys carry your luggage or a child. They are quiet and well behaved and can carry 25-28 kg each.If you are kind to them they will satisfy you.

Important to know: A trip with donkeys is not always easier than without. They carry your bags, but you must take care of them! Sometimes they go slower than you want, sometimes they go faster than you want. If you don’t have any experience with donkeys, please do some research before by reading up on the matter. And it's forbitten to ride the donkeys!

1st day: arrival in the morning, afternoon course about trip and donkeys. Night in Casale Le Crete
2nd day: start of trekking , night somewhere over Poggio Filippo (1.000 m. above sea level – 5,30 hours, 8 km) Dislivelli: 150 m up – 400m down(night in tent)
3rd day: from Camp Tent to Santa Maria in Valle Porclaneta (1.000 MSL)(7 km, about 5,30 hours). Dislivelli: up 400m, down 500m. (tent or in b&b, here you find the supplies to go on)
4th day: from Santa Maria in Valle to Cartore and Caparnie (1.700 MSL) (13 km, about 6.30 hours). Dislivelli: up 1.000m, down 300m. (night in tent or sheperd's hut) . Possibility to stop half the way and to come back the day after: this shorter version is nice the same.
5th day: Caparnie – Santa Maria in Valle (1.000 MSL)(13 km, about 5 hours) Dislivelli: up 300m, down 1.000 m. (night in tent or in b&b)
6th day: Santa Maria – Magliano – Casale Le Crete (770 MSL) (15 km, about 6 hours). Dislivelli: up 200m, down 300m. (night in agriturism "Casale Le Crete")
7th day: you leave in the morning

Difficulties: Walks vary between 4 to 6 hours per day, at the speed of 2-3 km/h; paths are not always well marked, so you must be able to read a map supplied by us (1:25.000). You also need a compass and altimeter. If you need help, you can phone us any time during the trip.

Price : One donkey 280 euro; two donkeys 450 euro. Includes all equipment for the donkeys, the pack-saddle, half a day of preparation and advice from our expert, 1:25 000 map of the trip, road book, assistance by phone as well as us meeting you in Santa Maria to bring you fresh food and supplies and take supplies you don't need anymore.

Food and nights are not included. We can rent tents.

Perfect for families with children aged 5 and older.

Donkeys: Eva is a female, 8 years old, very quiet, medium-small size; Nino is a male, 8 years old, stronger, medium size. Each donkey can carry 30 kg). Donkeys must be respected and loved, they need patience, but they also need to be guided with authority. If so, they'll be perfect friends. Our pack-saddles are perfect for trekking, light and trustworthy.

Seasons: Starting from April to October
Perfect season: June and September-October

INFORMATION: Tel. + 39 0863 678311



Feedback from previous trekkers

We would like to share with you that it was a very special and unique experience to walk with Linda through such a beautiful landscape. Apart from the fact that at the beginning we had some problems to get Linda walking, but after a while it was much more important for us to feel free and stay where ever we liked, to have the time to enjoy the nature without stress. We were impressed by the openess of the people we met. They were all friendly and helped us with water or with orientation or with the weather forecast. Of course Linda was an attraction for the people but so was Eva. She got much attention. we were surprised that she walked the whole trek. She liked to walk, run around, jump here and there - the idea to sit on Linda was too boring for her. At the beginning we had bad weather so, as Eva was not in the best shape due to her coughing, we decided to shorten the tour. In this way we lost the experience of Monte Velino but on the other hand we had much more time left to enjoy the landscape. We had no hurry and made long breaks, played with Eva and entered very intense in the feelings of freedom and "wilderness". No people around, a few sheeps, a few dogs and much sun, most beautiful nature, sunsets and peace. we felt very much in harmony with nature and with ourselves. This is probably the most intense and most important experience we take with us. It was not so important anymore to reach a goal, but to be on the road, as family with the company of Linda, who was very patient with us.
Once again we thank you for the great preperation of the tour, for your kindness and hospitality and hopefully we will meet again.
with best regards from Vienna
Nadja, Eva and Gerald (picture below)


We spent great holidays in Italy, and especially during our stay in Casale le Crete, and during our trip with Nino and Eva. Let me wish you all the best for 2008 (I shall not be late here!).Greetings, Hervé, Maryse, Julie, Adèle (pictures below)


The famous italian writer Enrico Brizzi walked in 2012 with our donkeys (together with is brother Rick and his three daughters). Some photo:


Photographic album of an italian couple, one week with our donkey Eva: here _________________________________________________________________

Some pictures from Rainer, that together Gabi and daughters f Lotti and Hanni came from Germany to walk with Nino and Eva:

I Frank Monte Velino sentiero Rosciolo Val di Teve Per le strade di Magliano

Sorbo Abbeverare gli asini alla fontana

L'antica quercia

Rainer put on line a blog where he told their adventure with donkeys in Abruzzo (in German):

From YouTube, little Toffee running...


"Eeyore" to everybody! from Nino

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