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Luca Gianotti: born in 1961, zodiac: Gemini, I love life, Nature, and walking. I'm a Mountain Guide/Walking Master according to the law of the Region Abruzzi. I'm a Vegetarian. Graduated in Philosophy, I've worked for years for local communities as an organizer of cultural and ecological events. Then I gave up and came here. In 1994 I created La Boscaglia Walking Tours, and now I've created with some other guides "La Compagnia dei Cammini" ( I have also a personal website (in italian):

Fabiana Mapelli: born in 1974, she was also a mountain guide, and a counsellor. Now she teaches psicology, but mostly she takes care of Giacomo, our little son.

Casale Le Crete is run with the collaboration of Agnese, she cleans the rooms and prepears special cakes.

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Casale Le Crete 67069 Tagliacozzo (AQ) Italy Tel. (0039) 340 3496811